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Care for your Shikku bag like our planet so both stay pristine as long as possible.

We recommend gently removing any dust and dirt with a soft brush. If necessary, a cleaning cloth with a small amount of leather solution can be used to remove tougher spots by carefully wiping in a circular motion.

Treat spills immediately by dabbing with a dry cloth then letting your bag dry naturally. For tough stains, consider a leather cleaning or repair professional service.

Avoid using any harsh chemicals or tough scrubbing as it may damage your bag.


Treat your Shikku bag like your skin. Applying a leather conditioner every few months will keep it supple and soft.

Firstly clean any dirt and dust off your bag using a soft brush or cleaning cloth. Then apply a small amount of leather solution to a clean cloth and gently work it into your bag using a circular motion. Let it dry naturally before removing any residue with a cloth.

Avoid apply conditioner to a dirty surface as that may lead to build-up on the leather.


Taking preventative measures is the best form of care.

A gentle daily clean with a brush and keeping it stored in your Shikku dustbag will prevent dust and dirt from building up.

It's important to keep your bag away from heat, water and moisture. Using a water repellent spray designed for leather goods will help create a protective barrier against rain.

Although our leather is durable, care must be taken with large objects and sharp jewellery which can damage the delicate surface of your bag,